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tv   Today  NBC  October 10, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. you've made it to booze day tuesday. it's a little drizzly one here october 9th in new york city. we're in a bad pattern right now, but that's all right. >> that's life. >> a day is what you make it, hoda woman. how many times have i told you? >> yesterday was a pretty good day for one particular website.
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>> this was funny. >> remember kath's outfit yesterday? >> velvet. >> form-fitting top. >> i'm sorry. now we really did it up. oh, if i'd known i looked like that --. >> you looked good. thing. all right, i see it. >> all right, it was a pair of pants. >> leggings. like you just step into. velvet leggings with a camisole top. >> it's by a web site called lysse. >> apparently, the website crashed. >> i'm not. if the website crashed because so many people. >> i was trying to send them to another website so it wouldn't crash again. >> i believe, i believe, i believe. >> you're right.
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>> do you know what -- this morning i wore a different pair that had leather knees. >> i like those. >> matt noticed. >> yes, he did. i saw him noticing. >> some sad news, hoda. everyone is upset about this. danny devito and rhea perlman >> three kids between the ages of 24 and 29. they met quickly and fell in love and got married. >> broadway, doing broadway shows. >> they met after a couple of weeks and boom they moved in and zowie, got married. it was a long and sounds like beautiful marriage. and then something happened. >> i don't know. they are not saying and they are also saying -- they are not saying the reason and saying there will be no further discussion. which is totally their prerogative. but you know what, every time i hear about it, first of all, i hate it when people break up. i hate it. i hate families breaking up. >> yeah.
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>> you know, you just hope that everybody's done everything they possibly can to keep that as the last final resort. >> sure. you wonder, though, there are marriages that break up late in life after the kids are grown and gone and you wonder if there's a point, you know what, i want to do my own thing now and i've done this for 30 years or 20 years or whatever it is. i wonder by the time your kids are grown and you want something else, i don't know, maybe something terrible happened. >> you can't even guess what goes on in two other people's relationship. i just know, i mean, frank has been so unbelievably supportive of this work i'm doing now in theater. does he love it i'm gone all the time? does he love that i've spent years to write -- no. but that's what love does. love makes room for the other person's dreams. >> i got to say when we were on saturday listening to carol lee and everybody sing, there was frank, baby, right behind ya. what do you think, frank? i like it. it's good. >> if love doesn't cost you
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something of your own desires and dreams, i don't think it's love at all. the greeks are very smart. the greeks have three words for love. we have love. i love that flower, love this drink, i love you my darling. >> it's all the same, right. >> there's eros love which hoda knows all about. >> what's that? >> the sexy stuff. erotic love. you want to write this down. >> go. >> erotic love. then philadelphia love, brotherly love which we all believe in and agape love unconditional love, perfect love, god, the creator, love what he creates. >> love your kids. >> closest is you love your children. what kind do you have for me, hoda? >> one of the first or second ones. all right, so jennifer aniston is engaged. we've known that. >> we're happy for her. >> never seen the rock. well, there was a picture that came out where she has her hands gently on her fiance's face,
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wow. >> there it is. >> that's an ice cube. >> that is a honking ring. >> and it's beautiful. i love the oval shape of it. everybody is talking about how when i was engaged that time, there was -- people would say can i see your ring, and they wanted to see -- like you could tell about how big is it. >> it wasn't an impressive one, right? >> it was fine. >> that's what you said in the make-up room. >> it's not impressive like that honker, but, you know, it was a a ring. i don't see, like, i'm not looking at that ring and saying oh, my god. >> that didn't define the relationship. >> right, but i think it is something people say and look at and wonder how big it is. >> they have not announced a date. right? >> they have not. if you were home last night, a lot of places it was cold and
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rainy and "the voice" is on. this is the battle rounds, two singers up against each other. they are on the same team and one gets booted and one doesn't. this is also an opportunity the other judges have a chance to they are wearing black. and a blond girl, gracia with them. ♪ they make take me with my feet dragging but i'll fly away on a little sin weigh gone ♪ >> i like them. >> okay, it was the duo, the steel girls versus gracia. >> now i'm understanding. i got ya. now i don't know what to think. i thought it was a trio and they were darn good. >> if you had to choose, if you
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had to choose between the two in black versus the blond, the one in white, who would you pick? >> i think the duo. >> okay, blake picked the blond girl by herself. >> blake would. of course, he did. >> the other two didn't get picked up by anybody. >> that's too bad. >> the big one of the night was this one. cee lo's team, amanda brown versus trevon hunt. >> now that i understand the premise, let's go on again. ♪ i visualize the love that came to be ♪ ♪ feels so alive i'm so thankful that i've received the answer that heaven has sent down to me ♪ ♪ you treated me kind >> that's a hard one. they both have beautiful beautiful high belt voices. >> who did you -- >> i'll go with the girl. >> okay. the guy won.
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anyway, but here's the news, though. after it was over, when they first stopped, adam stood up on his chair and said i don't care which one gets booted, i'm going to pick you. which everyone he doesn't choose i'm picking. >> he took her? >> he ended up taking her. >> so they both won. >> so they both won. i was going to show you what happened, but i just told you. all right. >> always better to show than tell in theater. but anyway, go ahead, hoda. what else is next? >> this is interesting. you can virtually "like" someone on facebook and poke someone on facebook, now this m.i.t. student has developed a virtual jacket to give a hug. that means it's weird. >> we have to think this through. what's the end result of the hug? >> every time someone likes her facebook page, her jacket you'll see here blows up. she gets an inflated hug. >> vest on herself. >> which the world doesn't need anymore people with inflated senses of self. >> any time someone likes her,
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she knows it and the jacket gets bigger. >> she's going to look like the michelin tire man soon. >> what do you think? >> she goes to m.i.t., she's probably quite smart. i think it's faddish, doesn't appeal to me. i want hugs from human beings who give me something authentic, not a mercy hug. >> right, all right. this one's weird. you watch qvc, it's on all day and night. >> dying to see this. it's on all day and night. >> all day and night, right. these two guys try to sell some android, i don't know, some item. just so you watch closely, one of the people faints and watch what happens after. >> what's funnier than that? >> you okay? okay. what it does is it gives us an opportunity for us to be able to offer a piece of electronic equipment that is simple for children to operate, but also mom and dad can operate it as
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well. >> okay, so just so you know, she fainted and he kept selling the android tablet. >> i thought we were going to come back to him holding her while she was out. >> no. he kept selling it. >> those guys are trained. i've been on qvc a gazillion times. they are machines. >> she's fine, by the way, low blood sugar. can you believe he just stared at her. >> he said are you okay? that's his idea of concern. >> and she started tapping her chest. i thought she was having a heart attack or something, but she wasn't. >> glad she's okay. was there a little piggy that went somewhere? >> there was a piggy that went to market. >> i want to see this. >> so scandalous, there's a huge billboard on time square and someone decided to take a photograph of their pig at like a flat stanley. in front of this --
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>> i was expecting something different, but okay. now it looks like shameless schilling, which it probably was. because it is booze day tuesday, we have from cosmopolitan magazine, hoda's bible, cairo breeze. delicious drink. >> healthy for you. we have a lot coming up. hulk hogan is in the house, and he's got some explaining to do, lucy. >> he's going to talk about a lot of stuff. and our guys tell all. we got globetrotters around. on the phone. only on the happy hour of the "today" show when you see it all.of or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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it is time for our guys tell all panel. gathered together to answer burning questions about your man. first up, we have the signature hot single guy, ed watts. it's called "scandalous," opening for previews this saturday. >> next, the very funny comedian chuck nice, host of hgtv's "strange homes." there's a new show every time you're on. premiering october 19th. then we have another very funny guy, rick younger, married with a toddler son. he was just in the commercial that ran before this segment. >> he's in every commercial, i'm tired of it. >> soon to host "face true love." >> another show for him? >> yes. last but not least, the divorce, so sad. now single buff. kidding. currently touring with his band ginny and the grimes. >> scott grimes. he's a nbc guy. >> all right, let's go across the street to sarah and hear the first question. >> barbara has a question about her boys. >> hi, our son is 22 years old and is engaged to get married. we're thrilled for him, but we would really like to know if you have any advice for him.
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>> 22 and engaged. >> wait, wait, wait. 22. >> wait till you're 30. >> happy wife, happy life. >> date for awhile. >> that's my son's age. that's the last thing in the world i'd want right now, honestly. but we wish him all the best. >> all right, let's go to facebook, shall we? stephanie says what does it mean when a guy says he likes you but doesn't want a relationship. >> he is keeping his options open. >> if you look at that statement, you can say it another way and get the same message, i like you, but not enough to have a relationship with you. >> he's telling you the truth. >> he's leaving his options open. you might get him in the end, but he's interviewing a few more candidates. >> i think it sounds like he's saying he likes you enough to sleep with you but not to have a relationship. >> will a guy sleep with anybody? >> no, not anybody. >> clear it up for us.
2:21 am
we hear what pigs you guys are, what dogs. >> who's going to know about it? it's like how cute is the other guy. >> it's like if everybody is not going to know about it, his options get way more open, you know? i think every guy probably has that one or several girls they are like if anybody found out about that one. >> ed? >> hey listen, i personally wouldn't. i don't know. >> you got standards. >> i do have standards. >> bob doesn't. >> i know. >> all i'm saying is -- >> standards are too high? lower them. >> we all have standards, but i'm telling you, it's based on who will find out we were with you. >> and how many shots we had. >> if we had to carry around a picture everyone we've been with, our standards would be high. but there's a few hidden ones back there. if they t into your closet, big girl coming out. >> let's go to sara. >> okay, i'm with denise from new jersey, she has a question about distance, i'm guessing relationships.
2:22 am
>> yes, i have a 23-year-old daughter, she lives in new jersey and her boyfriend lives in florida. do you have any advice how that can work? >> bob says he's done this. >> yes, you know, i'll put it to you this way, my ex-wife and i, i was living in l.a. while she was living in new york. we have a wonderful friendship, but it's hard to keep a relationship going. distance especially across different time zones is really hard. >> i think you got your answer when he started the statement, my ex-wife and i. >> exactly. >> that pretty much gave you the answer. >> you had a long distance one. >> depends if you start that way. if you start that way, maybe you can transcend that, but if you start that way, i don't see how it can work. >> eventually the space has to close. it's good for awhile, but after awhile -- >> life's about the details. the day in, day out stuff. >> do the opposite. stay together when you're dating, get married, then you have a long-distance relationship. >> all right, you better not go home for a few days.
2:23 am
>> he's in trouble. >> here's a question from kristen. as a single mother of three, what's the best way to get back in the dating world? a lot of women have this question. >> my natural inclination would say, lose the kids, they are weighing you down. >> they are not adding to the resume'. >> put them up. >> there are a lot of guys who don't mind the fact women have been in another relationship or divorced and have children, but what you have to do is be honest and don't hide it. then let him know right up front, like, hey, i have kids, they are my priority, i want to get to know you, but you have to understand this is a dynamic in a relationship. >> you can possibly go out and meet men who may be in a similar situation. maybe they have kids and they are divorced now. something where it's like they don't have the expectation that they are going to be the top priority, because once you have kids that's not going to be the case. >> pta meetings. >> don't stalk the soccer game or pta meetings, but keep your options open. >> don't show up at a bar and
2:24 am
show pictures of your kids. >> right. still be open with -- don't open with this is billy, bobby, susie. >> let's go across the street to sara. >> we have another sarah with an "h" with a question about dating. >> hi, guys. so i recently moved here from alabama and wonder if you have comments about dating in the city. >> keep talking, keep talking. >> roll tide. >> oh, that got them going. >> see that southern charm? >> keep talking. >> because bob wants to come across right now. >> excuse me. >> in a big city, though, it is daunting. so what are some good dating tips. >> there's a lot of people out there that's absolutely true. again, the same thing with honesty. you get out there, meet people whether it's bars or friends setting up. which is sometimes a little tricky. >> iffy. >> i found the best thing, unfortunately, i've had a lot of experience in this, you have to be honest. if you're not honest, you're not going to get what you want. sometimes people walk away. that's fine.
2:25 am
it means they're not looking for the same thing. >> if you face anything on a false, hoda, you're not going to keep what you get. >> i also think you should get to know the city. it's probably a lot of fun and exciting guys out there. don't jump on the first one you meet, necessarily. there's going to be another exciting guy. >> look at her. >> i didn't mean -- not a literal jump. a figure ra tiff jump. >> she's like what am i, a who are? what is your problem? . >> great thing about the city, so adventurous, so many things to do here. so many places to go. five boroughs, all of it. >> definitely. >> okay, kids, we're going to come back. >> we have more with our guys. and hulk hogan. we should have him join us. he has explaining to do. >> sure does. >> first, these messages. resent. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry.
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all right, coming up next, we have hulk hogan in the house, and he's going to be telling us a thing or two, don't you think? >> probably. >> we heard a rumor.
2:30 am
non-stop action wrestling and a few other things he's actually wrestling with. >> all right. >> and sara met her match with the harlem globetrotters. unfortunately, our guys are not coming back, hoda. >> that's all we got. see you in a bit. >> they'll be back some day. who knows when? 2@
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2:32 am
we are back on this tuesday with more of "today." and world wrestling icon hulk hogan, the man behind hulk-o-mania. though he doesn't spend much time in the ring anymore you can't keep the hulk down. >> his role as general manager of tna wrestling. the hulk has a lot to contend with, besides other sweaty men. >> that's exactly right. >> that's an understatement. >> first of all, you're an old friend of ours, and we love you, but we have to discuss the elephant in the room. >> sure. >> there is a sex tape that is out. >> yes, there is. >> that was out.
2:33 am
looks like it was shot surreptitiously. >> hoda looked at it. >> i had to. had to know what was going on. tell us when it was shot, when the tape came out, if you had anything to do with it. >> first of all, i had no idea there was a camera in the room. there was a very, very low point. i'm not making excuses, i was accountable, i was the guy, i was there, i made the choice. it was at a really low point in my life when i was in a previous marriage when things were bottomed out completely, and i was with some friends and made a wrong choice and now all of a sudden it surfaces, you know, over six years later. and it's just appalling. it's totally flipped my new life and new role upsidedown. >> you're newly married. >> yes, and you know, it's, for me, i'm going full blown to try to figure out who did this to me and why. >> you don't know yet? >> i had no idea someone would put a camera in a room. >> was it a hotel room? >> no, it was a friend's house.
2:34 am
there are no excuses. if anybody is accountable for my actions, it's me. i always have been. it was just a bad choice and a low point. >> the only person's opinion that really matters, though, baby, is your wife. is she doing okay? >> that's not true. >> who else? >> my children. >> you're right. how are they doing? >> they are fine. they know me. they understand. they were part of that past life and that situation i was in. they know what i was going through and what was going on in a daily basis. my new wife, jennifer, is rattled to say the least. she's not part of this media life or anything. >> she doesn't deserve this. >> no. and it's something that has devastated me. i've never been through anything on this level. >> just so we're clear, at the time this happened, you weren't married and she wasn't married. >> i hadn't even met jennifer at the time. >> you've had a big, big change in your life spiritually as well since then. >> oh, yeah. i had to bottom out.
2:35 am
>> so what's past is past, buddy. >> it's true. and i did have to bottom out completely to realize how beautiful life is and this is the only moment, you know, the whole thing. for something like this to come up, for somebody to film something like this, what's the motivation? >> the betrayal of it, too. >> yes. >> obviously, financial incentive for someone, you know? >> wound up on gawker and stuff. i'm sure it will come back when we figure out some more. tell us about, you have a new venture. what is it, what is this new thing you're doing? >> why are we in a ring? >> i've got a couple, and i'm still the general manager of impact wrestling, and we have a huge pay per view this weekend and we're on every thursday at 8:00 p.m., a new time slot on spike, but i'm also a small business owner, which is really something unusual for me. i've never done it before. i opened a little beach shop right where i live. >> tampa area, clear water? >> clear water beach, hogan's beach shop. i'm making the transition from
2:36 am
the world's greatest wrestler to the world's greatest beach bum a la surfer. there's been a huge response. we've only been open a short amount of time. our grand opening is the 27th of october, but it's just amazing how loyal the fans are and how nice people are. opening a little teeny store, it's so small, it's amazing, the response and the people that are calling from all over the world wanting to come by. >> we know you have some of the best wrestling moves, we're not dressed. >> oh, no! >> sara is coming in. ♪ not another challenge, oh, my god. okay. >> she's trying to kill me. >> okay. i'm tapping out. i'm tapping out. >> careful. >> he just had surgery, sara. have some mercy. >> you're worried about me? >> you seem too good looking to attack people like that. >> what do you think of her whole get up? >> i didn't see her coming, i about had a heart attack. >> that was the strategy. i didn't have much of a chance in size.
2:37 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> the man did not need anymore surprises. >> holy smokes. >> we're going to be right back after this. >> we love you, buddy. >> thank you. >> i didn't hurt you, did i? >> no. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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on today's home tackling those inevitable stains from dirt on the carpets, marker on the walls. no house is safe. >> other stuff. here are a few homemade solutions to get rid of any stains your kids or pets can dish out. real simple magazine's senior editor mary kate mcgrath. how are you? >> thanks for having me back. we're here to clean, glad you have on your gloves. >> we're not going to help, but we look good. >> it's actually easy to clean up those tough, annoying stains. the kids track in all the dirt from playing outside. you can't help it. you throw on your gloves. it's simple dishwashing solution, a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing soap and a little bit of water. >> you want me to do it? >> sure, why not.
2:42 am
>> this will be the first. vacuum first to get up the extra dirt. >> she's going to rub. tell her not to rub. >> don't rub. blot, blot, blot. >> blot, hoda. >> anything you take away from this is to blot. pretty good, looking good. >> all right. >> you got to believe in it. >> look how black it's getting. >> the trick here is after you wash it with the dishwashing soap, you need to use another wet towel. magic of tv this would disappear normally. >> is that right? >> that's correct. >> i'd buy a new mat. i'd buy another one. >> all right. >> okay. >> the trick off of here is you don't want to leave any water. what happens is more dirt will get sucked into it. that's when you have another stain. >> this one, tomato sauce. >> can any kid have spaghetti and meatballs? >> it's already done. get it all over their clothes.
2:43 am
>> scrape with your knife. >> let it dry? >> coagulated. that's coming right off. >> don't even need to wash it, looks good. >> clean, we're done. >> no one will ever know. >> you don't see it. >> it's the same dishwashing solution, quarter teaspoon of dishwashing soap, little bit of water. scrape. blot. let's say a little bit remains. before you want to throw it in the laundry, a little ammonia will take it out. one to one. okay, ammonia also works for the worst stain ever. >> what is that? >> tell me it's chocolate icing. >> it's chocolate. >> looks like bambino to me. >> how would you get rid of that if it were? >> so you do that same dish washing liquid. >> get your knife first, don't you? >> you scrape. >> got to get your knife. >> okay. oh, oh, oh. that's sick, you're sick. >> makes me miss him, the little pooper. >> then you'll do the dish washing soap, blot, blot, blot. don't rub it in. same with the urine. >> same with the urine, you blot that.
2:44 am
>> you blot that. >> urine has a habit of having that little lingering smell? a little vinegar will take that out. all household things you can reuse. we're very clean today. >> looks real to me. >> okay. >> thank goodness for washable markers. until those little buggers get their hands on a sharpie. the trick is to use a non-cellulous sponge. so it won't take the paint off your wall. >> again, just a quarter tea soon of dish washing liquid. >> you're selling a lot of dish washing liquid today. >> warm water, and it should come right off. >> it should, but in reality, will it? >> a little too much. here we go. coming off, coming off. >> this one came -- the washable one. >> can sara make a fast break? >> this is going to take a while. thank you very much.
2:45 am
>> thanks, sweetie. >> of course. >> find out when she trains with the harlem globetrotters. yes, you heard me correctly. this girl does it all right after this. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with your weather channel forecast. boy do we have some chilly changes for so many states especially across the upper midwest into the great lakes, the ohio valley, much cooler behind the cold front. the cold front will be making its way into the northeast today, bringing with it some scattered rainshowers. and let's see what the temperatures are going to do. you can see where the blue is on the map. that's some of the coolest air. 53 in minneapolis, 53 in chicago today. meanwhile in t60s around new yo city. we have a warm layer of air across the south where we'll still have 70s and 80s on the map today. 92 degrees in phoenix, only in the 60s in los angeles. next storm coming into the southwest that will impact southern california, rainshowers, thunderstorms, maybe even a little high
2:46 am
elevation snow for the sierra. the first snow we've had so far this season. yet another cold front will push some cool air back into the middle of the country. the northern sections of the middle of the country. 51 in minneapolis by thursday, 65 in chicago. and then we cool things off again here friday around the great lakes. we'll be back to 50s in chicago. and then staying cool and unsettled in the northeast. the stationery front will set up across the southern states and we'll have showers and storms to keep an eye on. saturday with the system that comes out of the west we'll have a big severe weather threat here in fact isolated tornadoes possible, strong winds and large hail. so big day to watch the weather saturday from the upper midwest all the way down to the southern plains. meanwhile drying out in the east we've got some soggy weather moving into seattle. it's been awhile since we've had that. and that will stick around for your sunday and monday. and we'll see those showers develop once again across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. you can wake up with al week day
2:47 am
mornings on the weather channel. 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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all righty, time for sara in the city. this week sara takes a trip up town to shoot hoops. with the har glenn harlem globetrott globetrotters. >> the team has won over 24,000 games over the last 87 or so years, but that didn't stop them from inviting ms. sara from coming to practice. >> these guys and girls are amazing. i was so honored to join them at training, but did i make the team? probably not. take a look. >> founded in 1926, the harlem globetrotters are still famous after all these years. they've played in 120 countries and dazzled over 136 million fans on six continents. how do you top that? ask me to join them at training camp. how long have you been coaching?
2:50 am
>> coaching, like, my sixth year. >> but you were on the team too. >> yes, i played for 24 years. >> were you good? >> was i good, is that even a question here, hello, my name is sweet lou, sara. >> hello, sara. you're going to work out with us, you also have to dress like us. you haven't earned a nickname yet. your name is going to be blank, okay? ♪ >> oh, yeah! >> love that one. >> oh, yeah! >> yeah! >> so i just learned a few
2:51 am
tricks and now they actually want me to scrimmage. got to brush the dust off the ball a little. wait, i got to get my bangs out. got it? that was so cute, a guy that does a ponytail? love you. oh, i thought you were going to run me over. oh! how did i do today? i thought i made the team. >> well, if you look on the back of your jersey, you don't have a nickname yet. so we're working on that. once you get a nickname, maybe you can join the team. >> should i wait by the phone or something? >> wait by the phone, but make sure it's on the charger.
2:52 am
>> nice job, ms. sara. >> she was getting some moves there. >> you didn't miss all the air balls, by the way. >> joining us here, harlem globetrotters tnt, raise your maddox. dizzy grant and big easy lofton. hi, guys. looking fine in pink. >> thank you. >> by the way, congratulations, you were at the barclays center and set another record. how was that, by the way, playing there? >> awesome. we've been around for 87 years and it was our first time playing in brooklyn. >> you looked good, though. >> thank you, thank you. we were extremely excited to debut our 2013 you write the rules world tour. it's something we're excited about. the fans have a chance to vote on the rules in the games we play. >> there was 15,000 or so. >> 15,000 fans, that's right, that's right. >> you, the woman amongst them. nobody would say you're a tall individual, right? >> i have to make up for it in other ways. >> feisty and fast.
2:53 am
>> why the pink? >> we have a breast cancer awareness initiative that we're starting this season. it's going to extend past october and we're going to be playing with a pink basketball through a portion of 270 games. >> awesome. look at big easy. >> they keep me for my looks. i don't have to say much as long as i look good. >> eye candy. thanks so much. up next, we're putting a new spin on cooking with fall vegetables. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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2:56 am
now in today's kitchen, what's cooking. why not take advantage of produce while it's still fresh? here to show us new recipes is joel cameron. >> you said that the old school way. it's old school, i like. >> what are we cooking, babe? >> we got sweet potato -- >> you're not french, right? >> i'm not french, i'm jewish. i can pretend. i have sweet potato fritz, like fries. kathie lee, this is all you, big, chunky. i want this the size of my finger. can you do that? toss it in there? >> i can give it a shot. >> hoda, you're making a flavored salt, can you do that? >> no. yes, i can. >> there's spices in here, bash
2:57 am
it like you're upset with kathie lee. harder, go for it. bash it around. >> get rid of it, baby. >> bash it around. there's no science to this. that's beautiful. toss them in. okay. >> what's in here? >> toss it in here. we're doing this a pestle and mortar style, old school. >> cave man. >> cave man cuisine art. >> this weighs a ton. >> that goes right in. you got it. there you go. we're going to add some oil. now the one thing about this, guys, you need to cut them chunky or else they are not going to get crispy. >> we like them chunky. >> hoda likes her men that way too. >> i'm in her ball league. >> that's another story. if you don't have a pestle and mortar at home? >> who does? >> you can use a blender. i don't know one person who has one of these, i put a plant in that. >> on top, we're putting them in for about 450 degrees, 25 minutes.
2:58 am
don't even think about them. >> smell them burning. >> a little charred is a good thing. we're going to make a dressing with tahini. >> i like tahini. >> what is it in everyone knows? >> hummus, give me some. >> i thought it was an island in the pacific. >> you see it all the time. >> it's made out of sesame seeds. peanut butter but with sesame seeds. really healthy, fantastic. we're going to make a dressing. you're whisking, you're pouring. >> do what you know. >> comes in jars like this, you can find it. tahini. go for it. >> what's that? >> water to thin it out. whisk hard. there you go. >> turn it on its side, hoda woman. >> get in there, beautiful. little bit of lemon juice. >> all right. some coriander, cilantro. and garlic. >> looks like parsley. >> this is the spices. >> i already ground it. >> where are you at? i love it.
2:59 am
okay, then we have this topping, warm fritz coming out. then all we got to do is spoon these over the top when they are hot and they act like sponges and kind of soak it in. >> soak it in. >> amazing, exactly. absolutely. so they soak them up. i got a little mint here. grab it and go confetti with it. >> you're ruining it. >> kidding me? >> do it. >> i'm trying to do something a little bit different. >> here, kath. >> they found the wine, i tried to hide it. >> actually, these are darn good, cameron. >> thank you. >> tell us about it. >> i love polenta. are those the huge garlic things? >> those are the roasted garlic. >> this is tabletop. have it on a plate. super old school to take it, pour it out in front of your guests and dot around it with veg and roast -- what, you don't like it? >> i like them. >> seriously. >> the man is passionate. >> super passionate.


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